Brisbane Christian College

109 Golda Ave,
Salisbury, 4107
(Student must be enrolled at BCC)

I am also the Percussion Teacher at Brisbane Christian College in Salisbury; the details of the in-school percussion program are as follows. (Enquires into having lessons if you are enrolled at BCC should be directed to BCC's Music Coordinator Leigh Waldeck).

Individual 30 minute Lesson: $34.00/lesson
This is the standard lesson length for students learning a musical instrument. It allows sufficient time for a variety of concepts and pieces to be learnt. If your child has been learning for more than two years, this is the recommended choice.

Individual 20 minute Lesson: $23.50/lesson
These lessons are ideal for students who are ready or would prefer an individual lesson where the standard thirty minute lesson is too long (younger students or those with attention difficulties) or for whom the higher cost is prohibitive.