Am I the right teacher for you?
Choosing the right teacher can make a huge difference in how quickly you will pick up the hidden drummer within. I think my forte as a teacher is with individuals that have either never had lessons OR those who have had lessons in the past and gave up because they weren't enjoying it. Drums is a whole load of fun (except for your neighbours) and I like to keep my lessons that way. 

I had been teaching myself drums for a few years before I started to receive lessons from Matt. It wasn’t long until he equipped me with the skills to study music at university, majoring in percussion. I luv Matt wif all me ‘art”

— Chris Trupp, former student and all round champion

Why should you learn drums?
Besides drumming being just a whole bunch of fun, ongoing research has identified learning a musical instrument as one of the best brain development activities as it uses the whole brain and strengthens the connections between the two halves. Studies have also indicated that it can help individuals develop physically, emotionally, socially and academically at a faster rate as well as enhancing:

- Coordination
- Aural skills
- Literacy skills
- Concentration
- Mathematical skills
- Self discipline
- Creativity
- Self esteem
- Memory

Why choose to get lessons with Matt?
- Over 10 years’ teaching experience
- Blue card holder
- Can organise discounts through select stores for musical equipment in Brisbane
- Currently working the touring circuit in Australia