Finishing strong / Bayside tour

Completing Term 4 in a few short months will mark two years of my making a living solely teaching and playing drums - and the more I think about it the crazier it sounds. Doing the thing you love and going out on a limb is always worth it regardless of the outcome; and I've been lucky enough to have had my endeavours succeed.
At the end of last year I posted this on my Facebook and on reading it again I find myself agreeing with it more and more.
Have a read. 
Let me know your thoughts.

Wealth has got to be the biggest driving factor of modern life.
It has the potential to make nations; let alone individuals.
Like it or not, it has the power to change your deepest set beliefs, morals and feelings.
However, the reason why it is on my thoughts today is because of its intrinsic link with “success.”

This undeniable tribute of money hoarding is what drives modern life. If wealth is what you pursue it’s what will determine your career, your social status, your life choices, the company you keep and your overall purpose in life.

On a daily basis I find myself indulging in envious thoughts for those whose passion has the capacity to create wealth. I have plenty of friends who have pursued their love for advertising, psychology or engineering that have been able to achieve what in modern eyes seems to be the perfect balance between wealth and fulfilment. However - those on a similar path to me (the path of artistic creation) have quite a different story to tell.

Unless you are in the creative arts world you may find it difficult to comprehend, but in regards to money specifically - it isn’t an easy road to be on. Most people I know in the industry have to indulge in their passion as a hobby as opposed to a career in order to even get by let alone thrive financially. At the end of the day, even for those that achieve popularity in their chosen craft (be it as a musician, photographer, artist or the like) it still takes everything you have to maintain a semblance of a ‘together’ lifestyle.

If you want to have a family at a young age and want to provide for them - then absolutely pursue that financial stability! Even though I don’t have any children of my own (and gosh darn it do I look forward to having some), having kids has got to be the biggest personal sacrifice that goes hand in hand with whats got to be the most rewarding experience of raising another life. But if that isn’t you and you’re just making money for the security, comfort and stability it brings - you’re missing out on what life is meant to be! Which is a LIFE! Not an existence.

At the end of the day, this is what I currently think:
- You only have one life to lead, so do what you love.
- Don’t judge your financial position based on what your peers have but rather your level of fulfilment.
- What ever you chose, give it your absolute everything! There is nothing to be gained from living apathetically or without passion, give your all and you’ll make it at whatever fills you with life.
- When you see someone pursuing their passion, don’t bring them down because you don’t have the foresight to see that you’re living your life as a slave to a system and they aren’t.

In other news: I'm also heading out on tour around Australia with Young Lions supporting Bayside in November - would be great to see some familiar faces on the road :)

Thank you to everyone for all the support! 
Big love, 

Tour dates with Bayside this November:
Thursday 3rd November – Prince of Wales, Bunbury 18+
Friday 4th November – Amplifier Bar, Perth 18+
Saturday 5th November – Fowlers Live, Adelaide LIC/AA
Sunday 6th November – Corner Hotel, Melbourne 18+
Wednesday 9th November – The Basement, Canberra 18+
Thursday 10th November – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle 18+
Friday 11th November – Manning Bar, Sydney 18+
Saturday 12th November – The Brightside, Brisbane 18+
Tickets available HERE