Achievements Unlocked

Upon finalising some timetables for the Term today I did a sneaky count of my student base to find that I've cracked 50 students on my books at once.
54 to be exact. 
It blows my mind that only a few years ago I was considering leaving teaching and following another career path entirely. To think of how content I am doing what I'm doing with the people I'm doing it with is truly a blessing and to those who have helped me out in the past and continue to do so from the bottom of my heart I thank you. Building on that, I'm also realising more and more the impact on the future drumming community I'm having in Brisbane. Not that it's massive by any means, but I most certainly feel responsible for ensuring that I'm passing on a quality education akin to the one that I received from my tutors when I was young. 

To add to all this, I'm currently gearing up to head out on a SOLD OUT tour spanning East Coast to West with my boys in Young Lions alongside Hands Like Houses and The Brave in a few weeks which is simply ridiculous. Blows my mind that I get to do all of this... does anyone else love their job as much as I do mine? Amazing.

Oh, and if you want to stay in touch with me on any of my adventures make sure to add me on Instagram @mattgibsondrums :)  

My SECOND teaching manual is heading off to the printers this week and I've realised that I think I'm going to have to write another one :/ Wish me luck.

Big love,