On tour with Silverstein

I recently got back from touring around Australia with Young Lions in support of Silverstein who were here celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their major breakthrough album "Discovering the Waterfront." This was the first major support tour I had played on with Young Lions, hitting venues across Australia like the Hi-Fi, 170 Russell and Manning Bar. Silverstein were such an inspiration to watch - these are guys that have been at the top of their game for around 15 years now and they absolutely killed it every night. Flick me an email and let me know if you saw me there :) 

On tour with Short Stack

This week I got back home to Brisbane after touring with Young Lions in support of Short Stack on their reunion tour. These guys had a massive fan base in Australia a few years back and it hasn't diminished whatsoever in their absence. The shows were packed and their fans as passionate as ever. One thing that really impacted me over the touring circuit was just how great the guys in Short Stack were. I had always assumed that people in the pop scene would be at least a little pompous due to their achievements but the Stack team as down to earth, relatable and humble. We all had a blast on the tour and can't wait to hopefully hit the road with them again in the near future....