Seven Hills Home Studio Lessons

My home studio in Seven Hills is a fully equipped set up featuring a professional grade 4 piece Tama Superstar Hyperdrive with top of the line Meinl Byzance Traditional cymbals as well as a Roland TK-11KV Electric Kit so that both student and teacher can play together. The studio room is air-conditioned, acoustically treated and loaded with quality breakthrough tech. including reflexx practice pads, Vic Firth isolating headphones, Samson monitors and much more.


The set up in my home studio...

Kit: Tama Superstar Hyperdrive 12" / 16" / 22"
Snare: 14" TAMA STAR Walnut Stave
Cymbals: Meinl Byanze Traditional (15" Medium Hats, 20" Trash Crash, 20" Medium Crash and 22" Medium Ride)
Electric Kit: Roland TD-11KV with ext. triggers
Kick Pedal: DW 9000 Single
Hardware: TAMA 60 series
Cameras: 2x GoPro Hero 5’s
Electronics: Yamaha EAD-10
Roland SPD-SX
2x Yamaha MS40 Active Speakers

Home studio lessons are offered on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 3:30 and 5:30 making spots are very limited (I do occasionally teach on Sunday afternoons or Friday’s as well however these spots are strictly limited, get in touch before getting your heart set on it). 

Individual 30 minute Lesson: $35.00/lesson
This is the standard lesson length recommended to all ages.

Individual 1 hour Lesson: $70.00/lesson
For as long as I have been teaching, I find that hour lessons are by far the most effective for most people. It allows a great deal more time to revise, cover new ground and then rehearse – if you want to progress quickly, I couldn’t recommend these lessons more highly. These can be a bit taxing for younger players though, when first starting out the half hour sessions are more than enough.

Studio lessons are offered with a no lock in first booking and then invoiced in blocks of 5 or a whole term if you choose to carry on with lessons.